**These Awards are for Twilight FanFiction only, no other Fandoms or crossovers**

Please include the Author Penname, Story Title and Link with all nominations, also any other required information for the category you are nominating.

Please do not submit the same story or author for more than three different categories total.

A drabble Fic is considered a story with the average chapter word count up to 500 words.
*Average words per chapter must be between 100 - 500 words in order to be submitted in the Drabble Category*
Stories with more than an average of 500 words per chapter are not eligible in the drabble category.

Please submit stories with MORE than an average of 500 words per chapter in the Full Length Fic Category.

*The top six most popular nominations in each category will be in the final POLL for Voting!*

*If an author or story is in the top 6 for more than three categories, the author/story will only appear in the top three most nominated categories, not all six.*

We would like to include all authors and stories and not have any one author or story dominate any categories.

There are lots of different categories, please base your nominations accordingly.

**Please include all necessary information or your nomination will not be counted**