Drabble Nominees

**Drabble Fics**
(Chapter average LESS than 500 words.)

Some Categories were dropped due to not enough qualified submissions.

Best All Human

River by CaraNo

Once Upon A Desire by  bornonhalloween

From My Window by kitkat681

The Blackened Flame by Catastrophia

Phoenix by True English Rose

The Dealership by bnjwl

Best Vampire

His Mate by Misfit Heartbreak

Destiny by kitkat681

Bloody Kisses by CaraNo

Best Romance

A Love Unbound  by theonlykyla

Holiday In Aspen by CullensTwiMistress

Sunshine's Path by BellaEdwardlover1991

The Learning Curve  by Amethyst Jackson

Southern Honey by Twiddler83

Genesis by Nyddi

Best Humor

Seattle Express by WitchyVampireGirl

Lather, Rinse, Repeat by bornonhalloween

Hot For Teacher by Willow2883

Dysfunction Junction by Wants2BeACullen

Past her Prime by XquisiteProdigy

Best Drama

Instinct by fallanydeeper

Beautiful Tyrant by edwardsisobel

Walk With Me by Kraftychik

Sea of Black by Welcome2MyWorldxoxo

Simply Promised by mmsinful

Best Angst

Whiskey Lullaby by lvtwilight09

Kiss It All Better by Misfit Heartbreak

The Blackened Flame by Catastrophia

Chances by BellaEdwardLover1991

Genesis by Nyddi

Best Suspense/thriller

I'm a Doctor by TexasBella

Lost and Found by SoapyMayhem

Game of a Player by karencullen2007

Best Lemon

Our Night of Fun by FFloverLaura

Worship by beegurl13

The Roommate by BellaEdwardlover1991

Masks by Dalloway5906

Best Edward

Fear of Touch by texasbella

Holding On To Hope by lvtwilight09

Brighter by Rochelle Allison

Masks by Dalloway5906

Best Bella

Second Page by CaraNo

Our Night of Fun by FFloverLaura

Starshine by lizzylillyrose

Masks by Dalloway5906

Maybe by FallenForTheCullen

The Long Way Home by CullensTwiMistress